Mark Hughes firmly believes that the foundation of any successful company is focusing on developing excellent relationships that embrace clients, competitor-collaborators and employees. “Only an organization that is truly aware and focused on the importance of those personal relationships and has a plan to continuously improve them can really hope to succeed,” Mr Hughes says. […]


CEO of Bisalloy Steel (ASX:BIS), Greg Albert, had his start in mechanical engineering, with extensive international experience that proved valuable to Bisalloy. “I’ve worked with three very market-leading companies: one American, one Finnish and one Swedish.” Originally working as a heavy equipment design engineer for an American company, he moved on to various metal firms […]


While most of Western Australia has been riding the boom-and-bust roller coaster of the mining industry, Albany continues to show remarkable stability with consistent growth in infrastructure. “It’s a very comfortable place to live,” Mayor Dennis Wellington remarks. Having lived in Albany since childhood, the Mayor has seen the city go through an extreme transformation. […]