Standing Council supports an end to Labor’s Canberra schools takeover

The Standing Council for Early Childhood and School Education has supported the Commonwealth Government’s move to reduce red tape and end the previous government’s command and control school takeover.

State and Territory Governments own and operate schools. Future Commonwealth funding will not be tied up with red tape leaving states free to allocate funding as they see fit.

The Minister for Education, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP told the Standing Council that ongoing Commonwealth funding was guaranteed and funding levels for 2014 would be more than Labor left behind.

Beyond that a new model will be negotiated to replace the Shorten shambles left by Labor and offer certainty for the future.

The new model would be fairer, truly national and needs based, giving power to the states and replacing a model that was too prescriptive and only included three signatories being New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and South Australia.

Mr Shorten ripped $1.2 billion from the funding model just before the election leaving Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland with nothing.

Last night Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen admitted the $1.2 billion was taken, something Mr Shorten has been incapable of doing over the last four days.

In addition it emerged only two states and one territory fully signed up to Labor’s model.

The Abbott Government has moved swiftly to address this debacle. We have provided certainty by guaranteeing funding in 2014 for all states, catholic and independent schools.

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