$250,000 Boost To Queensland Research

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Research projects that could lead to a low GI sugar to help fight diabetes and tooth decay and another study that hopes to grow bones for bone grafts are a step closer today after they were awarded $250,000 in Queensland Government grants.

Science and Innovation Minister Ian Walker announced this investment under the 2014 round of the Queensland-Chinese Academy of Sciences (Q-CAS) Collaborative Science Fund. The amount will be matched by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

“Today’s recipients fulfil the purpose of the Fund to undertake collaborative research projects in scientific areas with the greatest potential to benefit both Queensland and China,” Mr Walker said.

The two projects, receiving funding of $125,000 each, are a Queensland University of Technology study into Immune Responses in Biomaterial Development, led by Professor Yin Xiao, and a University of Queensland study into Sweet Sorghum for Valuable Sugars, led by Dr Luguang Wu.

“The biomaterial development project aims to design bone grafts for the regeneration of skeletal tissue,” Mr Walker said.

“The valuable sugars project aims to identify opportunities for sweet sorghum to be used to help produce sugars with low glycaemic and insulin indices, and low rates of tooth decay.

“Both projects highlight the ongoing innovative scientific and technical collaboration that will deliver future economic, social and environment benefits for Queensland and China.”

The Q-CAS Fund was established to support joint research by scientists in Queensland and at the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences. The State Government’s commitment to use knowledge and technology to grow Queensland’s economy was further strengthened today with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality.

Commission chairman Professor Shou Ziqi said he anticipated the three-year agreement would yield outstanding results.

“Building strong collaborative relationships with Queensland is of strategic importance to Shanghai,” Professor Shou said.

Mr Walker said it was particularly pleasing to be making the announcement today as the Queensland Government hosted a senior Chinese VIP delegation to mark the 25th anniversary of the Queensland-Shanghai Sister State relationship.

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