Premier Will Hodgman discusses The Tasmanian Budget

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The Liberal Government is committed to fixing the budget and we are getting on with the job.

Labor and the Greens left a $1.1 billion budget mess, exacerbated by a $2.1 billion hit from the former Labor-Green government in Canberra.

That is why shortly after the election we took an important and deliberate decision to defer the budget until August 28.

This additional time was important to allow us to frame our own budget, not simply adopt one from a Labor-Green government voted out of office.

It allowed us to fully understand risks to the budget that were flagged by the former government, but not quantified.

And with a well-telegraphed tough Federal Budget coming, it allowed us to understand the ramifications for Tasmania and to plan for the challenges it presents.

Delaying the budget has not prevented us from delivering on our plan in the first 100 days, but it has helped us to better plan for the future.

I want to be very clear about what it will, and won’t be.

  • It will deliver our plan, and keep our promises;
  • It will set about fixing the Labor-Green mess;
  • It will be a disciplined and measured budget;
  • There will be sensible reform, to deliver better outcomes for Tasmanians from the resources we have;
  • There will be some tough decisions, but it will not be a slash and burn budget;
  • We will not hurt vulnerable Tasmanians; and
  • We won’t be acting in a way that damages business confidence.

Of course, our challenge will not be easy, but I can assure Tasmanians that whatever your perspective, the coming budget is not a budget to be afraid of.

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