Coffs Harbour Jetty4Shores Stage 1 Work Starts

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Construction of Stage 1 of the Jetty4Shores Plan is underway.

“This is the culmination of so many years of talking and wanting and waiting, it’s actually hard to believe it’s now reality,” said Coffs Harbour Mayor, Councillor Denise Knight.

“This is a huge milestone for the city, the community and the harbour itself. It’s the start of a whole new era – and what’s more, it’s three months ahead of schedule.”

Stage 1 includes the Jetty4Shores Walkway, incorporating a four-metre wide walkway, new lighting and landscaping, as well as decorative elements including artworks, seating, signage and a new carpark. The first step will be the construction of the new carpark next to Jordan Esplanade.

The full Stage 1 project has been costed at $1.44m. Council has applied for a $2.2m reduced rate loan under the Australian Government’s Local Infrastructure Renewal Scheme (LIRS) to pay for the Stage 1 design and construction and the design and engineering of Stages 2, 3 and 4.

The carpark construction is expected to take seven weeks to complete. During this time, the construction area will be fenced off, but access will be maintained along Jordan Esplanade to the historic Jetty carpark and TS Vendetta. Traffic control measures will be in place.

Council is still in negotiation with Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) for a licence over the rail land to allow for construction of the four-metre wide walkway. Once contract documents and detailed designs are completed, Council will be able to start building this part of the Stage 1 project. This is likely to take place from September 2014, but will be dependent on the licence agreement with ARTC.

Demolition of the carpark at the end of the historic Jetty is expected to happen after the Christmas holiday period in February 2015, to ensure the Jetty remains fully accessible to the public during the peak tourist season.

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