Product Review: Super Retro Trio

Super Retro Trio

By Raul Betancourt

Nothing brings out feelings of nostalgia like the sounds of a tiny little 16-bit speaker blipping away as you mash frantically at the plastic buttons of your old school D-pad. If you ever get that craving to revisit the gaming days of your childhood, you might be tempted to bust out that old NES or your aging Mega Drive.

What are the chances that your original consoles work, though? Sometimes blowing into those rusty connectors doesn’t work quite the same way that it used to, and you might find that your games are booting up and displaying a mishmash of incoherent pixels rather than your favorite retro game characters. What do you do if you want to breathe new life into those old games that you’ve been keeping in your mother’s attic for the past twenty years? Well, maybe it’s time to trade up.

The Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio is exactly what you’ve been looking for to bring back those memories in a small, simple-to-use form factor. You can revisit all the old games from your childhood and maybe even introduce some of the classics that you used to play to your own kids. It can accommodate both NES and SNES cartridges, as well as games for the once popular Sega Mega Drive. With an easy to install adapter, you can also enjoy your old Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games, making this console a delightful five-in-one nostalgia machine that will remind you of what it used to be like when you were a kid. It comes with two controllers that are reminiscent of the ones for the classic SNES, albeit in a bolder color scheme. It has everything you need for an impromptu retro gaming party.

Like any console, not everything is sunshine and mushrooms—there are a few goombas on the horizon. The Super Retro Trio isn’t quite as well-built as its predecessors, and feels a bit flimsy to handle, but that is somewhat to be expected; after all they don’t make them like they used! Additionally the Super Retro Trio doesn’t include HDMI output, though one could just interpret this as a homage to the consoles of old. Still, these small factors really shouldn’t deter anyone from giving this system a go.

Overall, the Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio is a solid console that serves one very specific function and does it very well, without any bells and whistles. It is elegant in its simplicity and it will bring you back to a time when you were younger and games were more simple. If you’re not a hardcore collector or Nintendo purist who is looking for an authentic piece of history, and you just want to sit down and play the old games that you’ve been missing for years, then this product is a very good purchase.

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