RMS Hospitality Founder & MD Peter Buttigieg Podcast


Peter Buttigieg has been involved in the technology sector for more than 30 years. As the founder and MD of RMS Hospitality, he has seen the drastic changes in the ICT and SAAS environment dating back to the 1980’s.


While RMS software was originally designed for insurance brokers, it expanded into caravan parks before entering the hospitality sector where its best known today.

RMS’ software sits behind the face of many of the world’s leading hospitality and travel websites and this success has allowed the organsation to expand their presence into the UAE, India and the USA.

In this podcast Peter discusses the changing face of the software and ICT sector including RMS’ own major transition to move their software from a localised windows environment, to a cloud based solution.

In addition to founding RMS, Peter is also Executive Chairman and Acting CEO for Aphrodite Gold, an emerging gold project he was an early investor in.