Norco Co-operative CEO Brett Kelly Podcast


Brett Kelly has been CEO of Norco Co-operative and its subsidiary Norco Foods since 2008. With over 25 years of business management experience across pharmaceuticals, international brand retailing, FMCG and wholesale – Brett brings a skill set of strategic business development to the role.

In this edition’s podcast he speaks with our host Stuart Anderson on how he’s using his CEO experience to develop a strong senior management team that works collaboratively to achieve the outcomes set by the Board.

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Topics in this podcast include:

  • Unique points of difference and competitive edge of the Norco brand with its 120 year history
  • Transforming the company from a $300m to $600m business
  • Setting the business strategy for production growth across wholesaling & retailing
  • Buyback of the company’s licencing rights
  • New opportunities through cafes, supermarkets and international exports
  • Brett’s own executive lessons learned and his business philosophy