SNC-Lavalin Infrastructure Regional Director Australasia Mark Hughes Podcast

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Mark Hughes is the Infrastructure Regional Director, leading the development of the Rail & Transit and Environment & Geoscience business in Australasia. He has 25 years of experience and awareness of industry issues throughout the rail and wider transport environment, with an excellent knowledge of rail business and operations, and has led the expansion of Rail & Transit’s product offering within the UK market.

Mark has held frontline operations, traincrew and performance management roles, and as a consultant has supported numerous franchise bids in the areas of the Operations and Service Delivery Plan. He was the overall Bid Director for MTRs successful Crossrail Bid in London, to operate trains and deliver world class customer service across the Capital, worth $2.5bn (Aus).

Since arriving in Australia in 2014 having been tasked with developing a new Strategic Advisory capability within the Australian business, Mark was shortly afterwards promoted to the position of Regional Director where he has continued to build the wider Infrastructure business, expanding services into Rail Control Systems, Through Life Engineering and Programme Management service offerings. In 2016 Mark was additionally asked to oversee the E&G team and also the Joint Venture Project in Malaysia where SNC-Lavalin have been supporting the implementation of a new rail system into Kuala Lumpur.

In this podcast Mark discusses his role in leading and developing the strategic plan for their Australian business. This includes what it means for a company to be an excellent collaborator, how urbanisation is presenting a positive outlook, and using cross-sector support to deliver a one-team approach across their Infrastructure, Mining & Metallurgy, Oil & Gas, and Power divisions.


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