Oxmar Properties Director Phil Murphy podcast

Oxmar Properties Phil Murphy podcast
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Phil Murphy is the Founder and Director of Oxmar Properties.

Oxmar Properties was formed when Phil and good friend Peter Bettson met at an auction, creating the business name from the combination of streets they lived on: Oxlade Drive and Marlene Streets.

Oxmar Properties is committed to developing land into attractive and well-planned residential estates, with allotments for family living available at reasonable prices. The company boasts nearly three decades of experience as a property developer, and understands the purchase of home and land is one of the most significant commitments anybody will make in their life.

In this podcast Phil talks about his passion for helping others through his own success, including
assisting families to achieve their dream of home ownership.

Find out more about Oxmar Properties by visiting www.OxmarProperties.com.au.

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