Formed of a host of subsidiary companies that cover the full spectrum of building industry services, including the award winning Burbank Homes, the Burbank Group of Companies is reimagining the format of a home and property group. The group’s Managing Director, Jarrod Sanfilippo, talks about the diversification that interlinks the companies and the continuing expansion […]

Brent Barnes LBT Innovations

Brent Barnes is the CEO of LBT innovations (ASX: LBT), an artificial intelligence company which has made its mark as a designer of ground breaking advanced automated technologies for microbiology laboratories. Brent Barnes’ career in technology began at the Sydney-based global headquarters of Cochlear, tasked with moving the company’s paper-based configuration and document management processes […]

Capsifi digital cloud solutions

Across the globe, digital initiatives are enabling new forms of doing business at lightning speed, anytime and anywhere. Digital business offers profound new opportunities for personalised, contextual customer interactions. This sort of transformation is not just a technology shift; it requires entirely new thinking about how you do business. • 90% of large enterprises have […]

Successful businesses know the importance of investing in their employee value proposition (EVP). Many have comprehensive performance metrics and KPIs to measure and report on multiple aspects of their EVP including benchmarks for salary and incentives, training and development and employee engagement and satisfaction. According to Andrew Daly, Group Executive Customer Development for Maxxia, your […]

Queensland-based property developer Oxmar Properties is committed to developing land into attractive and well-planned residential estates, with allotments for family living available at reasonable prices. The company boasts nearly three decades of experience as a property developer, striving to find Queensland landscapes that will offer dream lifestyles. Company Director, Phil Murphy, is the driving force […]

The Federal Government has just released the Terms of Reference for its review into the way it calculates funding for non-government schools. The review of the socio-economic status (SES) score methodology – by the newly minted National School Resourcing Board – will be significant for the Catholic sector, the largest non-government provider of schools in […]


A key opportunity and challenge for companies today is streamlining and fine tuning their revenue generation operations. While on a broad basis it could be argued that this involves everyone in the company, most focus on two key groups or functions, sales and marketing. Traditionally when revenue improvement initiatives were introduced, each group went about […]

One of the hardest tasks that you will be faced with in an entrepreneurial endeavor—or any journey that involves leading others—is helping people to see the end product of the vision that you have in your mind. Since you cannot simply transfer your thoughts into the minds of others, you have to face the non-trivial […]


In a perfect world, every person you’ve ever hired is a completely mature adult who is very socially aware, takes almost nothing personally, and has a nearly super-human ability to turn the other cheek when others don’t display similar qualities. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world—we live in this one. Sometimes you will […]