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Marketing managers across the globe have been losing sleep since the introduction of the EU GDPR earlier this year. But what is the GDPR and how does it affect email marketing? Ever since the European Union rolled out its new email spam laws in May 2018, the General Data Protection Requirement (GDPR) has been a […]


“To Be A Good Leader, I Have To Be Charismatic” Have you read about leaders being charismatic as if that was a necessary trait to lead well? As if you don’t have enough to do as a leader beside upskilling your charisma? It would be a shame if good leadership meant we had to be […]


Building a successful business takes hard work and dedication. Nobody ever makes the best of a business without the passionate desire to do so. If you’ve worked hard to build a business and make it successful, you will feel a genuine love for the business you have built. Knowing how, when and why you will […]

What can Australia learn from middle America? Gideon Rozner heads deep into Iowa to find out Even by the standards of smaller airports in Australia, Iowa’s Waterloo Regional Airport is conspicuously spartan. One boarding gate, one baggage carousel and only two flights daily – both to Chicago. No taxi rank, no Uber for miles and […]

The Australian Investors Association (AIA) is Australia’s leading financial education non-profit organisation helping its members to make improved investment decisions. The AIA does not provide advice. It provides information and education to its members to help them become better investors. The Association has approximately 1500 members nationwide drawn from all walks of life, brought together […]

In 2016 I wrote an article about how then candidate Donald Trump had used the influence and reach of social media to bypass the media and create a movement of followers online and in the community. In 2018, now President Trump has applied his social media acumen to foreign policy with shocking results. So what […]

The fastest company in South East Asia to reach a valuation of $1bn, giving it prestigious ‘unicorn’ status, Revolution Precrafted is a global supplier of prefabricated homes, pavilions, furniture, museums, retail pop-ups, glamping accommodations and office spaces, and the only branded prefab company in the world. The genius behind Revolution is Founder and CEO Robbie […]

Western Australia’s Activ Foundation has been supporting people living with intellectual and developmental disability for over 67 years, helping them enjoy full participation in communities and empowering them to pursue the life they choose. CEO and Managing Director Danielle Newport joined Activ in 2011, serving in a variety of executive roles before becoming CEO. Currently […]

An independent not-for-profit organisation based in Western Australia, Advocare provides a range of services designed to assist seniors and their families and carers, and works across the state to raise public awareness and understanding of older people’s rights. Diedre Timms is the organisation’s CEO, and has over 20 years’ executive level management and community development […]

Based in the town of Rockhampton, architectural firm BEAT Architects has earned a reputation for bringing the kind of architectural innovation and creativity usually associated with big-city architects to regional Queensland. A specialist in residential, education, commercial, heritage, and medical projects, BEAT is a proudly regional firm employing experienced designers and architects to deliver high-quality […]

Melbourne-based boutique design and construct residential builder Zuccala Homes has been a family-run business for over sixty years, priding itself on offering a flexible approach to building that values the process just as highly as the product. Greg Zuccala is a registered builder and Director of Zuccala Homes. Mr Zuccala’s 35-year experience in the residential […]

Member-owned bank, QBANK, has financially assisted the police, fire, emergency services and other public services in Queensland for over fifty years, recently rebranding from a Credit Union to a bank to ensure it remains relevant long into the future. Mike Currie is CEO of QBANK, having previously filled the role of Chief Operating Officer. His […]

Throughout history the world’s most reliable store of wealth is gold. SendGold makes gold simple to own, useful for payments and gifts, and accessible to all. Founded by senior executives from Microsoft, McKinsey & Co., J.P. Morgan and Price Waterhouse Coopers with the goal of offering a simple, fast, accessible and fair way to build […]

Andy Scott is the CEO of Baldasso Cortese, an architectural, interior design and master-planning practice with over 30 years’ experience across Australia and New Zealand. The firm has been recognised for design and customer-service excellence in the fields of care, education, and lifestyle and community, providing a diverse client list with groundbreaking architectural designs. In […]

Paul Innes is Chairman of the National Jockeys Trust, a public charitable trust which provides funds and other benefits for the relief of financial difficulties for jockeys who have suffered from career-threatening illness or injury. Since its establishment in 2004, the trust has helped over three hundred jockeys with equipment and resources to assist them […]

Anton Silove is Director and Chairman of Victoria’s MBCM Strata Specialists, a company specialising in professional management of residential, commercial and industrial Owners Corporations. With over forty-five franchises across the state, MBCM is a Strata Management firm with a global conscience practiced at a local level, offering a high-level of support for its franchisees, as […]

A global medical device company, PolyNovo (ASX:PNV) is focused on delivering improved patient outcomes through the use of innovative polymer technology. CEO Paul Brennan discusses their growth opportunities for this wound technology including their FDA approval in the USA and anticipated listing on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) in the second quarter of […]

Sirtex Medical (ASX:SRX) is an Australian global life-sciences company developing and delivering effective oncology treatments through innovative small particle technology. Considered a global leader within the rapidly growing market of Interventional Oncology, this field of interventional radiology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer using targeted and minimally-invasive procedures. After a challenging 2017, the […]

Anthony Ryan is the CEO of Youngcare, a Not-For-Profit (NFP) company dedicated to bringing young people with disabilities out of aged care facilities and into purpose built spaces which celebrate youth. In this podcast he talks about gaining and leveraging media attention, running a Not-For-Profit like a corporate, and facilitating a unity between government, corporations, […]