Tsunami of Development Proposed For Leichhardt

Mayor of Leichhardt Darcy Byrne today said the Baird Government has given the green light to developers to change the face of Leichhardt with five separate large scale residential developments having been approved or submitted in the suburb in recent months.

Cr Byrne said the five sites, located within barely a 1km space and including two sites in George St already approved for residential development by the Government, could result in more than 1000 new units being built in the same small area in the near future.

“There is a real danger the landscape of Leichhardt will be changed forever.

“The extension of the light rail should help make existing and new homes more accessible, but the Government and the development industry are using it as an excuse to make Leichhardt unrecognisable.

“This Government was elected on the promise of returning planning control to local communities but they are doing exactly the opposite to the people of Leichhardt.”

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